Reading Descriptions

Intuitive Reading:

There are times when we all have questions and can use a bit of insight. In this session, I use my gifts to provide you with clarity, direction & guidance in the areas that matter most to you. From love, finance, career to "What is my life purpose?", this session will answer all of your questions and more. It is my intention to guide you to the next step with a sense of clarity and reassurance.

Medium Reading:

Do you wish to hear the voice of your loved one once more? We all miss our loved ones and in this session I will connect to your loved ones in spirit. I will share their personality, memories and deliver a message from them with the intention of providing healing and reassurance of their continued presence around you.

*Although it's always my goal to connect to those you specifically desire, I surrender as a vessel to spirit and trust those who need to deliver a message are the ones who step forward in our session.

Hybrid Reading:

Can't decide which session is best for you? How about BOTH? This session is the best of both worlds with the intuitive insight you need while we also connect to your loved ones in spirit. (Available in a minimum of 60 minute session).