I’ve had the absolute pleasure of knowing Rose for the last few years. She was first my yoga instructor and then I had the opportunity to get to know her and her amazing work through the Women’s Circle and through a one-on-one session. She’s the real deal. I am in awe of her and how much she helps and heals people. Through her Women’s Circle I have witnessed her bring groups of women together and have open discussions where vulnerability and growth happen in an indescribable way. Our one-on-one session built on that and she gave me so much clarity and was able to simplify and cut through all the excess thoughts going on in my head. She helped me quiet my mind and give me the tools I need to move forward and get out of my own way. She is a blessing to this world and I am so happy she has crossed my path in life and has helped me through one of the toughest times in my life. I am so thankful for her and cannot recommend her enough.

- Christine Nguyen


Sunday I hosted a group Medium Reading and all I can say is WOW. I just want to say we were truly blessed to have been read by you. You are a blessing and you amazed so many of us with your ability. You have given my mom some peace of mind as well as my father-in-law in his future procedure. You touched every single person that came. I am no longer skeptical. You're the real deal. Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm still in WOW of it all. Can't wait for a women's circle.

- @invitrojourney


What can I say about Rose?  She’s amazing! There was a girl’s valentine’s event that she hosted that I was excited to attend. As she spent time with each wonderful female, you could tell she just knew what was going on. Everyone was in tears. I was wondering once she got to me what she would tell me. She looked at me and said I was stuck. That I needed to look at things in a different perspective, do things different. Something I’m definitely not good at. By deciding to step out of my comfort zone and doing things differently, I’ve learned so much about my abilities. I didn’t realize I became more confident in myself by just letting things happen to me instead of forcing things to happen to me. I would recommend her over and over and would definitely go back for another reading.

- Tiffany


During my session with Rose, I felt safe and comfortable. In our session, I learned I needed to work on my personal and spiritual journey. Rose is patient, passionate and cares about her clients. If there is any clarification or questions that I have, Rose allows a safe space to discuss about it. Thank you Rose for all of your help and time.

- Stephanie


Rose is amazing! She helped facilitate any stress I had and cleared up any doubts I had. She hit everything appropriate on the head. She addressed my career, finances and love. Rose was able to explain exactly how I felt and the issues I’m going through. She provided so much detail. She gave me advise and made me feel comfortable and optimistic about the future.

- Daisy


When I had my reading with Rose,I was so impressed by her ability to communicate with my deceased loved ones. She was able to accurately provide personal details, insights and answer questions I needed for personal closure and growth. Rose is amazing, kind and patient. She is truly gifted and compassionate. After our session, I felt a great sense of relief and serenity. And with Rose’s guidance and words of wisdom, I can now embrace my spiritual journey.

Thank you Rose for sharing your beautiful gift.

- Nikki


Upon the unexpected passing of my father, I was feeling hopeless with many unanswered questions that I felt no one would be able to answer. A friend of mine had once mentioned to me the wonderful ability Rose had to communicate with loved ones that had passed on and I thought if there was ever a time for communication with lost loved ones, this was definitely the time.

I reached out to Rose and from our initial contact she was very gracious, responded very quickly and was very willing to work out a convenient time and schedule. Our first session was in a public coffee shop and despite it being the first time I had ever met her, I felt as though we had already met; I felt completely comfortable with her and I felt an immediate sense of comfort and peace when she began talking to me. Our session ran for an hour, possibly a few minutes over, but it felt as though we had only been there a few minutes because she had so much to say. I wanted to make sure I soaked in every last detail of everything she had to share with me. I can honestly say that I felt as though my father was speaking into Rose's ear and she was simply relaying his messages to me because there is no other way I can possibly explain how she knew everything as well as she did.

In the past year I've met with Rose on two occasions, on my own, and I've had a family session in which my mom and sister were also present. I cannot thank Rose enough for sharing such beautiful messages with me and for having such a reassuring attitude that never fails to calm my mood and ease my worries. Learning to live life without my dad is still a work in progress, but I can definitely say that Rose's words, encouragement, availability and genuine kindness have helped me and the process I'm still going through.

- Valeria