About Rose Rendon - Intuitive Medium

about rose rendon


Rose is extremely thoughtful and sincere in her message delivery. Her down to earth presence and sensitive nature immediately puts you at ease in your session. With an extreme accuracy and compassion that is unparalleled, Rose goes beyond the surface to dive deep into your life purpose, and her clear channel to spirit will leave you feeling as if you’ve just reconnected with your loved one as if you can feel their presence.  She is beyond generous in her capacity to feel your loved ones, yet carries a responsibility to deliver their heartfelt messages with compassion and love. Rose goes the extra mile to understand your concerns and to help you feel comfortable and safe during your session. Rose is patient, sweet and incredibly understanding of your current situation, and is passionate in breaking down your personal barriers to help you reach your fullest potential.
Although Rose has always felt the presence of Spirit in her life, she was brought up in a strict Catholic family that was not accepting of this ability. As a result, she subconsciously hid her gifts from her family and the outside world. However, her deep connection to self, Spirit, and soul never wavered and it wasn’t until recently she realized her calling and life purpose went beyond being a yoga instructor, and is now passionately pursuing her higher purpose. 

When not serving Spirit, Rose enjoys spending time with her incredibly gifted children, supportive husband, and ever embracing family.