Soul Circle

I wrote this watching a beautiful documentary of a dying cancer patient.

She had this amazing support system that at points needed her more than she needed them. They witnessed grace in pain and coming to terms with our mortality, because everyone is going to pass that is the only certainty this wild ride we call life will confirm.

It is with human connection that we truly live out our dreams, even if in those goals you must walk alone, at some point you stop and share your triumphs! It is only with sharing your vulnerability humbly that you cultivate grace.

Who are your people, who will crowed your table and home, who will help you serve and pick up just to stay another hour in presence and connection.

Who are the people who fill you and rinse you when needed,

Who stand up or stand down so you can rise like the Phoenix,

Find these people call for them out loud. For the rest of your life is going to be worth sharing with those that loved you when you only had a foundation.