Before I begin to open up to all of you with this very sacred experience for me, I want to disclaimer that this is my truth, this is my journey, some or all may not resonate for you but for me this was transformational to say the very least.


Sometime people walk into your life so unexpectedly , so smoothly you wonder how come they weren’t in your life  from the start. With this experience I confirmed that we have a soul family  that travels with us from the beginning of time, like the clusters of stars we are stardust and who is meant to travel from life to life together will find their way back each time.


This women I am about to introduced to you has existed in many of my lifetimes before now and to come.  Her name is Angie, she is a quantum hypnosis healer  I met her through what seemed to be people placed in my life used by god source himself to bring us together. This women helped change my life my awareness and helped me remember so much of myself, beyond the fog beyond the fear into the comfort of my spirit and the silent knowing of my strength.

 The session began with a interview of sorts she brings you warmth and comfort and makes sure your body mind and spirit is prepared, she takes you into a hypnosis state and the magic begins, although I must say the magic actually starts when you decide you are enough to invest in youself including finding ways to connect to the depth of you.  I will say that the drive to the session was nerve wrecking, but isn’t the unknown always nerve wrecking. And like any other life changing experience your body prepares you for it, we just identify it as nerves but the intelegance of our body communicate through feelings and emotions. (this is a blog on all on it’s own)


The other part of this amazing experience is that you are doing the work,  she guides you beautifully and you uncover what is already within you, the universe is truly within you, the unexplored spaces of previous life’s and things about me uncovered was the miracle in this whole experience, I was always digging at the shallow edge of my spirit wondering why I couldn’t find myself. We are so unwilling to explore the dark edges of things and there is where your light is needed.


The first session was more than an experience it was a cleanse and comfort all at the same time. I explored a home I was searching for, for sooo very long. I came from a place I cant remember the name of but I know its somewhere in the Himalayas, the details are sacred to me so somethings I will keep for myself but I will say this. We as a collective connected and spoke telepathically at some point on this earth, and all earths elements where just as intertwined as the humans being and animals. In this session I also without a reasonable doubt understood god source was real and the feeling of this sources love is beyond any word can describe, the magic within us is brilliant and has the ability to create limitless potential. I believe the biggest lesson I took away is that we are looking for ant hills in the middle of mountains, we limit ourselves with things that are minimal when the vastness of our existence alone is beyond what we can possibly understand, I guess what I am trying to say is that, if you do not explore that which makes you uncomfortable the shallow ends will eventually drown you.