following the signs...

    the thing I hear most often when people want to start awaking or practicing their spirituality is,  "should I be following the signs given to me?" part of me says YES please do and the other part of me wants to ask "wait, you actually know when you are seeing them or receiving them?" I, on a personal level sometimes need god himself to come down and slap me with a sign and even then I need instructions on what to do with it.

      Am I less spiritual if I don't know when I am receiving a sign and even less of a spirit if I am not clear how to translate it. When does following the signs become too daunting and somehow lead us to what we call "dead ends" what are the signs? where do they come from, and why do we ALWAYS over think them? 
I being an " intuitive medium" follow all the signs I receive within my knowing to deliver the message from spirit to the client,  I trust these signs,  as they usually come with validation. 

and there is the aha moment - validation, when the sign is confirmed you can accept that it's truth and that the sign was delivered in order to create a tangible connection from the universe / spirit to us here on earth in our human experience. 

    HOWEVER the most difficult thing for me to do is follow the signs that are always so apparent for me, YET I feel they are so simple and possibly too obvious to be signs.  the one thing I have to disclaimer - the universe will communicate with you at the level of your understanding. it will never give you more than you can handle even when sending signs. 

     one of the most recent sign for me was a month ago, I am a lover of birds more so crows / ravens, all things nature truly. I was driving to work on a Thursday morning all seemed normal although there was a deafening  silence in all of the world (that maybe I could only feel) I was two blocks from my work when a hawk at a very low and close distance from my car flew over me with a small dead bird in his claws, I thought hu! that's interesting and went about my day, I must say before this there were PLENTY of signs leading up to this moment but I chose to see them as events in my life, I decided they were not enough for me to stop and reflect.   I get to work and I realize that something is off I couldn't put my finger on it but I knew that this day was not going to be " normal"  towards the end of the day I was officially unemployed. it was a moment of reflection whether I wanted or not. Here is the thing about signs - they really do try and prepare you for all of life's events or at least make sure that you imprint them in you for hindsight reflection later.

  the interpretation I got from that sign ONLY in reflecting was that the small bird in the hooks of the hawk was the old me , the fearful me the hawk represented the new me, the me that is moving towards her legend toward her greater purpose that I am not yet clear of but I know its deep in the think fog of this beautiful moment we call life. 

signs typically can be very illusive to the naked eye, seem very normal moments, for instance a bird taking his prey back to feed itself, however the feeling you get when seeing it - that's the true sign that is what you need to focus on what is that feeling trying to communicate when seeing it, what does it tell you. I once heard the only relationship you have is with yourself every other relationship you have is a reflection of that; including the relationship you have with spirt, your faith, the universe. Everyone has their own way to express themselves including spirit, god source - they use the universe and mother earth to communicate to us.  find your relationship with yourself and the signs will meet you there.  

FYI: 2 weeks later I received a quantum  healing session that was simply amazing (I have an entire blog about that soon) a few days after that session a Hawk flew over me  in the most random place, in that moment I thanked god, he shows up! no matter when and how he will always show up. trust the signs ALWAYS 
Rose 🌹